Maggie Davis

What is the thing that's been most surprising about being a mom?

The most surprising thing about being a mom is how intense my love for my girls is.  I've taken care of younger siblings as infants and toddlers but the intense feelings you get for your own children is indescribable.

If you could wake up with a super power, what would it be?

My super power would be the ability to clean my house so well that it will never get dirty again!

What does your child do that makes you feel the proudest?

When my children show compassion, understanding, and acceptance I have the most amazing sense of pride and awe.  I wish I could say that I taught them that, but I know that is a God given gift.

What activities did you take for granted before kids, that now feels rare and special?

I use to be able to snack whenever I felt like it without my food being stolen or begged from me. I have to hide to eat candy sometimes.

What parts of your personality have you seen in your kids?

Sass!!  But mostly it is the facial expressions.  My girls all have such expressive faces and they have no ability to hide their emotions.

What parenting advice did you ignore that you knew wouldn't work for you?

It wasn't so much advice as the marketing that says your baby needs an insane amount of equipment to survive.  I have never owned a changing table, never used a baby bathtub, or a high chair.  Babies are so simple and truly low maintenance.  All the extra stuff is just clutter and more stuff to have to clean and then get rid of when the kids grow up.  They don't need and neither do the parents. 

I have always been a firm believer in involving my children in all family functions even as infants.  As infants I have them sit in the kitchen with the rest of the family when they eat and as soon as they can sit up on their own they sit in a chair and eat a the same level of the table with us so they are interacting with everyone.  I feel like it has really shaped my girls into having table manners and being social eaters.  I love it.

What secrets do you keep from your kids?

Honestly I can not think of any secrets that I keep from my girls.  I want them to be informed and to know about life.  Real life.  Craig and I have struggled with repeated miscarriages and I have never tried to hide the truth from them. 

When my kids grow up I want them to know that life can be a struggle but that others have experienced this and can help out.  I think it is more of a disservice to not teach my kids how to handle real life.  They have done so well with all the ups and downs that life has sent our family.  It is such a blessing to see them handle life and not allow hard things to bring them down and be able to handle disappointment but also to share in the joys.